Beating Covid Blues

As we go from lockdown to lockdown, it’s easy to feel depressed. Being in litigation makes it even harder! Thankfully, there is hope that the pandemic might finally be under control as vaccinations roll out. In the mean time, what can you do to perk up your spirits?

How about taking just ten minutes of your time, once a week, choosing to do something nice for someone else? Perhaps write a letter to a long lost friend. Or picking up the phone to call a relative. Helping an elderly person get groceries or medication. Reaching out to someone to let them know they are appreciated. Do this purely as a gift, without expecting reciprocation. Surprisingly, by giving to others, you’ll also feel great. If everyone in your social circle just spent 10 minutes a week doing this, imagine how much joy will be created!

Happy Gifting!

(This post is inspired by my friend JL in UK who introduced me to the fun of spontaneous gifting. I think it’s contagious!)

2 thoughts on “Beating Covid Blues”

  1. Love this! As a scientist, and a lawyer, I’m sure you know that giving in itself produces more serotonin [or endorphins? I’m not a scientist], and makes you feel better. Right now, I’m helping myself by getting groceries and medications, which qualifies as helping an elderly person :] But I will reach out to someone else before the day is over.

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