How to Read Case Law

The workshop on How to Read Case Law will go ahead online. This workshop is reserved for those who attended my basic CanLII workshop at the Toronto Reference Library on Feb. 29, 2020. The workshop is full.

In this workshop, our group will receive an introduction to reading judge’s decisions. I remember the first time reading case law when I was working at a law firm. It was full of mysterious language. It felt very intimidating!

I will be using 2 cases to demonstrate how to read cases. Participants are given an assignment to complete, which also guides them in their reading.You might say that this is a like a mini version of law school.

If you are interested in a future workshop on this topic, please email me at If there is enough interest, I will continue to hold these workshops. These are usually held in person but to accommodate the Covid-19 self isolation situation, these workshops will be held online until further notice.

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