If you have text books or books on the legal subjects that you no longer need, how about listing them for donation here, so that others can enjoy your book?

I am starting a virtual book shelf, devoted to books on legal subjects (or DVD’s and CD’s), right here at Litigation Help. This way, we can all help each other out by donating or exchanging books we no longer need.

I have created a “core” library of titles that you can borrow. See (A) CORE LIBRARY below. This is only available in the Greater Toronto Area. Pick up location will be at Brentwood Library (west Toronto, near Royal York subway station), or in that vicinity. (We can arrange for a time to meet.) As these are from my own collection, I would like to have them back when you are done with them, or until someone else wants to borrow them. As such, I would require you to show me your ID, and leave me with your phone number or email address.

I also have a selection of free books you can take to keep. We can again meet at Brentwood library for you to receive the books. See (B) Books to Take For Free below.


Please contact me at hh@litigation-help.com directly if you would like to donate, borrow or obtain these books.

No dealers please.


These are for circulation: long term borrowing (eg. 6 months-1 year). However, they must be RETURNED.

  1. The Happy Lawyer. Nancy Levit and D. Linder. 2010
  2. Introduction to Law in Canada. John Fairlie and P. Sworden. 2014
  3. Family Law : Practice and Procedure. J. Kurtz. 2010. Although there are more recent editions, there are still a lot of sections that are very useful.
  4. Journey to Justice. D. Barrie. 2015.
  5. McGregor on Damages. 1972.
  6. Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals in Canada. 4th Ed. E. Picard and G. Robertson. 2007
  7. Watt’s Manual of Criminal Evidence. David Watt. 2014
  8. The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada. J. Fontana and D. Keeshan 2010
  9. Ontario Family Law Practice K.Coats et al. 2021. (This is the volume used by all Ontario family litigators. It contains the legislation and case law relevant to family law practice.)
  10. Getting to Yes. Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Roger Fisher and William Ury 1972

(B) BOOKS TO TAKE FOR FREE! New Titles are in red

You are welcome to take and keep any of these titles.

  1. Injunctions and Specific Performance. R. Sharpe. 1983.
  2. Practitioner’s Guide to Estate Practice in Ontario. 4th ed. M. Rintoul. 2004
  3. The 2019 Annotated Copyright Act. N. Tamaro
  4. Criminal Procedure. F. Weinper, M. Sandler. 1997.
  5. Canadian Tort Law. A.Linden, L. N. Klar. 1999.
  6. Labour and Employment Law. Case Materials and Commentary, 7th ed. 2004.
  7. Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research, Writing and Analysis. Vol.2. M. McCarney et al. 2013.
  8. How to WinG a Trial. M. Hassell. 2020.
  9. The Mediation Process. Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict. C. Moore. 1996.
  10. Family Mediation. Contemporary Issues. H. Irving. M. Benjamin. 1995. (To be permanently donated July 30, 2021)
  11. The Discursive Turn in Copyright. Symposium. UC Irvine Law Review vol.9, No.2 Jan. 2019
  12. Symposium: The 25th anniversary of the Model Penal Code. Rutgers Law Journal, Vol. 19(3). 1988.
  13. The Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 86, No 1-3. 2007. Includes Special Issue on Family Law. Articles include: “The Capable Minor’s Healthcare: Who Decides?” by D. Day; “Managing High Conflict Family Law Cases for the Sake of the Children” by M. Trussler; “Perspective of the Child in Custody and Access Decisions..” by S. Williams.
  14. Imperfect Justice. Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Jeff Ashton. 2011. (soon to be permanently donated).
  15. Canadian Tort Law. A.Linden, L.Klar, B. Feldthusen. 13th edition. 2009.
  16. How to Get an “A” in Canadian Law. Coles Notes. 2004.
  17. Canada Business Corporations Act and Commentary. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. Lexis Nexis 2014/2015.
  18. Textbook on International Law. Martin Dixon. Oxford University Press. 2007.
  19. Intellectual Property Law. D. Vaver. Irwin Law. 2011.

New titles will be added in the next few months. Follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/litigationhelp

Many thanks to Jenny Bilas, J.D. Candidate 2022, Osgoode Hall Law School, Co-President of Mature Students Association for helping me launch this initiative!

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  1. La réperation en common law et en equity, Denis Boivin, 2012

    Droit international public, J. Maurice Arbour et Genévieve Parent, 2006.

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