Fireside Chat with Justice Janis Criger (recorded event)


Litigation Help hosted the event “Fireside Chat with Deputy Judge Janis Criger” on September 20, 2021. We asked the judge many questions! Here is a sample of the conversation:  This event would be of particular interest to new lawyers, law students, and self-represented litigants. We want to thank Justice Criger for taking the time to share her insight with us. 

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We were extremely fortunate to have Deputy Judge Janis Criger as their special guest in this live virtual event on Sept 20, 2021. We don’t often get to have a conversation with a sitting judge! We asked the judge many questions! Here is a sample of the conversation:

The questions we asked included:

What are the top 5 steps a litigant can take to help the judge follow their story?

Are joint document briefs recommended for Small Claims Court?

Should case law be included in the pleadings?

What do you see in the future of electronic documents?

What is a “continuation”?

Is the “public gallery” still available for observing trials?

If you can tell your younger self something, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career?

What do you find is most challenging for a judge during Covid?

Do you have any memorable moments as a judge to share?

What do you like most about being a judge?

Are judges allowed to vote?

When can you bring in caselaw in Small Claims matter?

Justice Criger has been a deputy judge at the Hamilton Small Claims Court for almost 25 years. She has also appeared on a series of videos on Litigation Help’s Youtube channel under the playlist “ Conversation with Small Claims court Judge Janis Criger” :

Hosts: Heather Douglas and Heather Hui-Litwin.


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