These online tutorials are for a limited number of participants (2-5 in general). Fees are indicated for each program. These include attendance and a copy of Power Point slides that are used. All fees are donated to charity.

At present, the fees will be donated to universities or hospitals to help them combat the Covid-19 situation.

Tutorials will be held Saturdays at 2:00 pm in general. Specific dates and instructions to attend online are emailed to participants upon payment.

  • 1. How to Read Case Law ($25.00)
    • This tutorial guides you through 2 examples of judge’s reasons for decisions.
    • This tutorial explains the basics in our “common law” system
    • Assignments are given to each participant to encourage interactive learning
  • 2. Intermediate Level Tutorial on CanLII ($25.00)
    • “note-up” of case law
    • researching legislation
    • advanced syntax techniques
    • other fancy ways to use CanLII
  • 3. Common Assumptions about the Legal Process (Fundraiser: $25.00)
    • Many people who have gone through litigation say, “The justice system is not about justice!”
    • This tutorial explains why many people who go to court end up being surprised by what the legal process is really like.
  • 4. Understanding Costs ($25.00)
    • This tutorial explains the applicable rules of procedure and principles behind costs awards
    • This tutorial will review recent case law on costs for self-represented litigants
  • 5. Case Study workshop (2 hours, to be offered starting October 1, 2020): Introduction to Reading Supreme Court cases (Fundraiser: $50.00, minimum 2, maximum 3 participants.)
    • We will examine 2 Supreme Court cases on assisted suicide, Rodriguez v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 1993 CanLII 75 (SCC), and Carter v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 5 (CanLII), [2015] 1 SCR 331
    • We will review the legal arguments (facta) filed by counsel for each case, as well as the judges’ reasons for decision
    • Note: this workshop will be interactive-participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussion.
    • Depending on the group, this workshop may take place over 2 separate sessions.

Anyone interested can email Heather at To reserve a spot, please e-transfer Heather Hui-Litwin at, specifying which seminar you would like to attend. (Unfortunately, only e-transfers are accepted at this time.)

These seminars will be held on a “rolling basis”: once the minimum number of participants are reached, I will email each participant to arrange a date to hold the workshop.

Funds will be donated to Covid-19 research at universities or hospitals. From April – July 2020 funds raised will be donated to Sunnybrook Hospital to further their research and response efforts on Covid-19.