Video: Judge vs Master

Our video today explains the difference between “judges” and “masters”.

Before I became a lawyer, I assumed that when you go to court, you would obviously have a judge to hear your case and make a ruling.

Actually, at the Ontario Superior Court (civil matters), there are two types of “judges”. There is the regular “judge”, as expected, but there is also a second category of adjudicators. These are called “masters”. Only certain regions in Ontario have masters, Toronto being an example.

While judges can theoretically hear any matter and masters are authorized to hear certain subject matters only, in practice, one could be reprimanded for appearing at the wrong adjudicator! I have observed many judges who were quite irritated at counsel for bringing the matter to the wrong court, so to speak.

This is yet again, one of those things that a newcomer to civil litigation may not necessarily expect. These sorts of minute details are often learned by lawyers and self-represented litigants during practice.

We hope that once again, this video will help those who are new to the Ontario court system. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our channel. We have many more videos to be released every week for the next few months!

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