Public Legal Education

Many people go through lawsuits not knowing very much about the law, or how the legal system works. After all, you trust your lawyer to guide you through everything.

But what happens if you run out of money, and must go through the court system yourself?  

If you understand even just the basics of how the court system works, your decisions will be that much more informed.

Litigation Help was created by Heather Hui-Litwin. She has been both a self-represented litigant, as well as a traditional client in a lawsuit before becoming a lawyer. She believes that all too often, people don’t understand enough about the legal system works to engage in it efficiently. Litigation Help is created to address the public’s gap in legal knowledge.

Our first year (2019) was very exciting! We ran a series of talks and workshops at the Toronto Public Library. We are now ready to go to our second year, with many more talks at the library, as well as our own video channel.

Our Resources Page lists helpful websites and books to help litigants. Check out our library talk schedule too!

We welcome comments and suggestions on our project. Please feel free to contact Heather at

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