Here at Litigation Help, all our speakers are passionate legal educators. Through our own personal experiences, we realized what information we were missing when we were newly trained and entering our professions. Some of us were also clients and litigants ourselves. We have created our videos and webinars in the hopes of helping fellow professionals and litigants alike, who will face similar challenges.

In addition to the free videos on our Youtube channel, we are now beginning to offer paid individual consultations dedicated to legal coaching.


(For matters at Ontario Superior Court and Small Claims court)

You can book a consultation with Heather Douglas

  • draft or review your affidavit, factum, and other court documents
  • discuss the merits of your lawsuit
  • provide advice on strategy
  • coaching on oral arguments
  • coaching on handling discovery
  • coaching on preparing for court motions

All these services are offered via online consultations.

Heather is also an Advisor to other lawyers as part of the Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) through the Law Society of Ontario.

Contact Heather Douglas:


Phone: 6474563497


(For civil matters before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice)

You can book a consultation with Mick Hassell, for help on the following :

  • pre-trial conference briefs
  • pre-trial conference preparation and conducting the pre-trial conference
  • trial preparation
  • conducting the trial
  • additional trial services outlined here

All these services are offered via telephone and/or videoconference consultations.

Mick has over a dozen years of trial experience. He is the author of trial book HOW TO WINg A TRIAL, which addresses how to leverage the 6 trial fundamentals to prepare and conduct trials.

Contact Mick Hassell:


Phone: 4169442274