(1A) Steps in a Family Proceeding (links will become active once video is posted)

Guest Speaker: Helena Birt

Part 1 Background: https://youtu.be/ePFvRSP-HQw

Part 2 Starting and Responding to an Application, and MIP’s: https://youtu.be/PdNzobC2nfU

Part 3: First Appearance and Conferences https://youtu.be/OkFsfN8nl54

Part 4: Motion for Temporary Relief https://youtu.be/dwIilCjJQjM

Part 5: Trials and appeals https://youtu.be/nZ3rENbyN8s

Part 6: Motion to Change https://youtu.be/kOOomvZHWOA

(1B) Family Law Courts in Ontario

Part 1: Family Courts in Ontario-Unified court, Superior Court and Ontario court of Justice https://youtu.be/Me5wuuWohgA

Part 2: Common questions about Divorce https://youtu.be/A8yzVnZy4kU

Part 3: What is “corollary relief”? https://youtu.be/9rgmBOJup8Q

(1C) Child Support

Guest Speaker: Laura Tarcea and Eva DiGiammarino

Part 1: The Basics https://youtu.be/dykVLkoe-nQ

Part 2: Domestic Contracts https://youtu.be/3k-cfUd9V8c

Part 3: When can you apply https://youtu.be/KtaEhnFxP7Y

Part 4: What does “imputed income” mean? https://youtu.be/YjyuSfTibF0

Part 5: Are there exemptions? https://youtu.be/9ajs5l_UcIg

(1D) Spousal Support (including informal spousal agreement)

Guest Speaker: Laura Tarcea and Eva DiGiammarino

Part 1: Intro https://youtu.be/skiecfVtDxI

Part 2: Can spousal support be modified due to change in circumstances https://youtu.be/kJ_1WJKtDGU

Part 3: SSAG and other Practical Considerations https://youtu.be/tqg83K4-yuc

(1E) Informal Spousal support agreements

Guest Speaker: Laura Tarcea and Eva DiGiammarino

 Part 1 Background to Anderson v Anderson: https://youtu.be/iK-JjBLYdP0

Part 2 Fairness and Deviation from what the Law Provides: https://youtu.be/tDD-aivRo_o

Part 3 Tips for Separation Agreements: https://youtu.be/trKMPBRgN-4

(1F) Marriage and Common Law Relationships

 Guest Speakers: Helena Birt and John Paul Boyd KC

Marriage and Common Law in Canada

Part 1 Introduction: https://youtu.be/TNasnqtXa_o

Part 2 Spousal and Child Support https://youtu.be/sAYF2BppdK8

Part 3 Domestic Contracts https://youtu.be/EDo1RAvusDA

Marriage and Common Law in Ontario

Guest Speaker Helena Birt and Samuel Michaels

Part 1a Property division  https://youtu.be/izzuu516Vj0

 Part 1b Matrimonial home  https://youtu.be/-Em7QA2q-4k

Part 2 Spousal Support https://youtu.be/TLSBhfvS7Es

Part 3: Child Support and Parenting time https://youtu.be/lSVUq_zDOUQ

Part 4 Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements https://youtu.be/OriwqpCV9Xw

Part 5 Considerations in Estate planning https://youtu.be/83Dqe3gcR28

Part 6 Living Wills and Power of Attorneys https://youtu.be/lBR6nRTx9GE

(1G) Financial Disclosure

Guest Speaker: Shmuel Stern, Disclosure Clinic

Financial Disclosure in Family Law  

Part 1 Introduction and Getting Ready https://youtu.be/k773MH8ukY8

Part 2a Income https://youtu.be/1T2LBKJo52c

Part 2b Income https://youtu.be/WU-WOvkzSgU

Part 3 Expenses https://youtu.be/IBXp8zyg_ug

Part 4a Assets https://youtu.be/m85DpIVXCdQ

Part 4b Assets-Land https://youtu.be/qK8xbP9Ecb0

Part 4c Assets-Household Items https://youtu.be/yfolaE4djco

Part 4d Assets-Bank Accounts https://youtu.be/5GX3hfFLEaE

Part 4e Assets-Life Insurance https://youtu.be/AdYZEEMXGQk

Part 4f Assets-Debts https://youtu.be/ag4DxYp_8L0

Part 4g Practical Issues https://youtu.be/T98i2KRTtIQ

To be posted in March 2024

Part 5a Excluded Property-Introduction https://youtu.be/h3CBr-W8HUU

Part 5b Excluded Property-The Law https://youtu.be/Tr9qfEFJmBA

Part 5c Excluded Property -How it Works https://youtu.be/e9cpWxb5NKQ

Part 5d Excluded Property- Putting it in Form 13.1 https://youtu.be/SaTiZEqag-U

To be posted April 2024

Part 6a Calculating net worth at Date of Marriage- Introduction https://youtu.be/5zHjGK7YC58

Part 6b Calculating net worth at Date of Marriage Matrimonial home https://youtu.be/Pie90u1V1wQ

Part 6c Calculating net worth at Date of Marriage-proving what you owned https://youtu.be/nLWeidrl04k

Part 7: Top 5 Mistakes 

Top 5 Mistakes made when filling out Form 13.1 Part 1 https://youtu.be/PyLNU1iF_ns

Top 5 Mistakes made when filling out Form 13.1 Part 2 https://youtu.be/m0F0KO4tdfc

(1H) Evidence-hearsay

Guest Speaker: Helena Birt

Part 1: What is hearsay? https://youtu.be/0VwxGHzSz9Y

Part 2a: Examples of Hearsay: Children’s statements  https://youtu.be/B8cu43WJUuU

Part 2 b: Specific example AM v. DM. https://youtu.be/kXUDhMxKZLY

Part 3: Does the hearsay rule change in motion versus trial affidavits. https://youtu.be/X2YSHw0k8xs

(1I) Urgent motions (2024)

In progress

(1J) Separation and Divorce

Guest: John-Paul Boyd KC

  1. Preparing for separation Part 1: Rational and Compassionate Approach. https://youtu.be/QsgJNXRtcvI
  2. Preparing for Separation Part 2: Why can’t couples see a lawyer for legal advice together?   https://youtu.be/iB0Ew14WiU4
  3. Preparing for Separation Part 3: Is there a formal legal separation?https://youtu.be/PQKQdiNyfQc
  4. Preparing for Separation: Part 4 Electronic Security Considerations. https://youtu.be/oNskplSrqIU

5. Reducing Conflict in Divorce and Separation with John-Paul Boyd (podcast) https://youtu.be/2xPsU1GaC04

6. Going Through Divorce: A Litigant’s Perspective, with Anthony Goldstein https://youtu.be/kKwPn70Y1r8