In these videos, interviewer Heather Hui-Litwin invites special guests to share their perspectives and expertise on some commonly asked questions in family law. These are plain language videos aimed to provide education to the general public.

(A) Basics in the Law on Marriage and Co-habitation

Guests: Helena Birt, John-Paul Boyd

A-1 Common Law vs. Legally Married -Canada

(to be posted June 2021)

  1. Common Law v Legally Married in Canada: Pt 1 -Property Division.
  2. Common Law v Legally Married in CANADA Pt 2: Child and Spousal Support
  3. Common Law v Legally Married in Canada: Pt 3: Domestic Contracts

A-2 Common Law vs. Legally Married -Ontario

(To be posted in July 2021)

Guest: Helena Birt

  1. Common Law vs Legally Married ONTARIO: Part 1a Property Division
  2. Common Law vs Legally Married ONTARIO: Part 1 b Family/Matrimonial Home.
  3. Common law vs Legally Married ONTARIO Part 2: Spousal Support.
  4. Common Law vs Legally Married ONTARIO, Part 3: Child Support and Parenting Time.
  5. Common Law vs Legally Married ONTARIO. Part 4 Pre-Nuptial and Co-habitation Agreements.

(B) Separation and Divorce

Guest: John-Paul Boyd QC

  1. Preparing for separation Part 1: Rational and Compassionate Approach.
  2. Preparing for Separation Part 2: Why can’t couples see a lawyer for legal advice together?
  3. Preparing for Separation Part 3: Is there a formal legal separation?
  4. Preparing for Separation: Part 4 Electronic Security Considerations.

5. Reducing Conflict in Divorce and Separation with John-Paul Boyd (podcast)

6. Going Through Divorce: A Litigant’s Perspective, with Anthony Goldstein

(C) Family Mediation

Guests: Laura Tarcea, Eva Di Giammarino

  1. What is Mediation?
  2. Pros and Cons of Mediation.
  3. Role of a Mediator.
  4. How to Hire a Mediator Part 1.
  5. How to Hire a Mediator Part 2.
  6. Does a Mediator have to be a Lawyer? (coming Sept, 1 2021)
  7. Styles of Mediation: facilitative, evaluative and transformative (Sept 8, 2021).
  8. Mobility/Relocation Issues Part 1: A primer on the Law (Sept 15, 2021)
  9. Mobility/Relocation Issues Part 2: Creative Solutions (Sept 22, 2021) 
  10. Mobility/Relocation Issues Part 3: High Conflict cases (Sept 29, 2021) 

(D) Family Arbitration

Guest: John-Paul Boyd QC. 

  1. What is Arbitration? Arbitration Series .
  2. What to Expect at Arbitration.
  3. Can you represent yourself at Arbitration?
  4. Can you change your mind in Arbitration?
  5. How to select an Arbitrator?
  6. What’s the difference between binding and non-binding arbitration?
  7. Understanding your Arbitration Agreement.

(E) Family Med-Arb

Guests: Marty Klein and Laura Tarcea

  1. Med-arb Part 1: What is “med-arb”?
  2. Med-arb Part 2: Does the law apply in med-arb?
  3. Med-arb Part 3: The med-arb agreement.
  4. Med-arb Part 4: Cost
  5. Med-arb Part 5: Choosing professionals.
  6. Med-arb Part 6: Confidentiality Conundrum.