E-Filing Court documents: online portal or Caselines? https://youtu.be/DU9kZD7nye4

Guest speaker: Heather Douglas

Hyperlinking Court Documents for Virtual Hearings

Guest speakers: Heather Douglas and Dan Rosman

Part 1 How to link to caselaw in Word  https://youtu.be/4B5_PRZYP4Q

Part 2 Setting up links in a PDF https://youtu.be/STxqm2qRyow

Part 3 How to create links on Caselines https://youtu.be/raCFqfuXRF0

Faster Ways to hyperlink court documents to Caselines

Guest Speakers Dan Rosman and Heather Douglas

Part 1  https://youtu.be/gP8qCYy32WU

Part 2  https://youtu.be/zmqjq32sMf4