(1) CanLII Tutorials

  1. Super Simple Intro to Basic Legal Research on CanLII https://youtu.be/02VpjSryO4I
  2. CanLII: Refining your Legal Research using Keywords https://youtu.be/kG19C7b10YU
  3. CanLII: Narrow your search results using Proximity operators https://youtu.be/7PCsXm7qDqM
  4. CanLII: Using AND, OR, NOT to get relevant results https://youtu.be/SJcSDo08XPc
  5. CanLII: How to Sort and Filter Results https://youtu.be/fQNIgFzGfWQ

(2) ChatGPT and the Law  https://youtu.be/jezvkXZx_Pk

(3) Case Law Minutes (to be updated soon)