Wills and Estate Law

Guest Speaker: Samuel Michaels

Wills : the basics https://youtu.be/kTTdpvWb0b4

What does “spouse”; “beneficiary”; “bequest”, “issue”, residue” mean? https://youtu.be/tpNjydV0x-0

What does “executor”; :probate”; “joint survivorship”, “trust” mean in wills? https://youtu.be/ljzAu6p4LDc

What is “testamentary freedom”? https://youtu.be/7BWADhoEOqI

What is Power of Attorney? https://youtu.be/rNNPRsQ8qsQ

What is a Power of Attorney for Property? https://youtu.be/HoaqKfMn5bU

What is a Power of Attorney for Personal Care? https://youtu.be/r4Jb1E7lvDs

Employment Law

Guest Speaker: Samuel Michaels

Introduction to the Employment Standards Act https://youtu.be/Vmf4_Zwb6W4

Where to Go to Resolve Employment Disputes in Ontario Canada https://youtu.be/1LMTZgYqBuw

“I’ve been fired!” What are my legal options? https://youtu.be/gmmzxakoVbg

What is Constructive Dismissal? https://youtu.be/LL0IoGS5SyM

Privacy Rights in the Workplace. https://youtu.be/VpyJvx3IR5o

Intellectual Property Law

Guest Speaker: Tom Kurys

Intellectual Property Law 101. What are patents, trademarks and copyright? https://youtu.be/a2OkPCGDHz8

Trademark Law Basics

Intellectual Property law and the Making of Masks (Covid)