2020 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

I started making videos four years ago, shortly after I finished my Master’s degree in law at University of Toronto. I had started to give free lectures at the Toronto Public library on civil litigation. I was so motivated to do this because when I was a self-represented litigant, I knew so little about the legal process, especially mediation. After I graduated from law school, I was even more disappointed! Instead of feeling empowered with a law degree, I realized there was still a lot of things which was never taught at law school! I decided to do something about helping self-reps and new lawyers. I went to Hart House (UT) and took a brief film course to learn how to make videos. You know what? After having graduated with multiple degrees in my scholarly career, I think that this one course was the most useful one I have taken!  With these video skills under my belt, and a superficial knowledge about the legal system from my JD and LLM degrees, I approached colleagues to collaborate with me.

I cannot thank my first set of guest speakers, Laura Tarcea, Sam Michaels and Heather Douglas enough. They were eager to share their knowledge, and trusted me to be the interviewer. My circle of guest speakers have grown since then. My channel now has over 2000 subscribers and continues to grow. I am grateful to all the colleagues and all my clients for sharing their experiences with me, as I continue to deliver practical legal knowledge to Ontarians. 

 I hope you will enjoy watching and learning from these videos. 

-Heather Hui-Litwin, Founder of Litigation Help


**Warning** These videos are general information only for Ontario Canada. For advice specific to your case, please consult a lawyer. 

There are 7  categories to our videos:

1. Civil Litigation

2. Family Law

3. Family Mediation

4. Online Filing

5. Legal Research

6. Special videos on Self-Rep Experience

7. Additional Topics in Law

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First Video of the channel.

Roster of Guest speakers

(1) Family Law

Helena Birt, John-Paul Boyd, Laura Tarcea, Eva DiGiammarino, Marty Klein, Shmuel Stern

(2) Civil Litigation

Heather Douglas, Dan Rosman, Justice Janis Criger

(3) Wills and Estates

Samuel Michaels

(4) Self-represented litiigants

Michael Alexander, Douglas Tompson

(5) Family Case Law Minutes

Osgoode Hall Law Students via the OPIR program.