Guide to Civil Motion Record Format (Ontario Superior Court of Justice)


This Guide explains how to assemble a Motion Record. It is applicable to civil motions that are filed at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Canada. You can purchase this Guide by Adding this item to your Cart and checking out on this website. Alternatively, you can pay by e-transfer to Heather Hui-Litwin at [email protected]Note that this Guide does not apply to family law or small claims court matters.This Guide is intended to guide newcomers to court procedure, including law students, new lawyers and self-represented litigants.


This Guide explains how to put together a “motion record” for a civil motion at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. It includes information on the front cover and back sheet as well. Completed examples are also provided.

Table of Contents

(1) Introduction: What is a Motion?                                                             4

(2) The Story of the Dispute                                                                        5

(3) Guide to Motion Record (Format)                                                           6

(4) Sample Front Cover in a Motion Record                                                8

(5) Sample Index page.                                                                             12

(6) Sample Backsheet                                                                               14

(7) Additional Resources                                                                           14

(8) Feedback                                                                                             15



Heather Hui-Litwin is the Founder of Litigation Help, Public Legal Education.  Before she went to law school, she was involved in a personal civil lawsuit. She brings a combined perspective from being both a self-represented litigant and a lawyer to her delivery of public legal education programs.

Heather Douglas is an experienced civil litigator. She has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, and various tribunals in Ontario. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2013. She is an active member of the Ontario Bar Association and a proud volunteer of the 519 Legal Clinic and the Pro Bono Ontario Hotline. Heather also acts as an Advisor to other lawyers as part of the Coach and Advisor Network (CAN) through the Law Society of Ontario.