Word Template for Draft Order (Civil Motions at Ontario Superior Court) Form 59A


Save time and money! Use this Word template or “precedent” for the draft Order Form 59A, version date September 1, 2020, for Ontario Superior Court cvil motions. It comes pre-formatted and includes the Backsheet.

WARNING: This template is not applicable to Small Claims court, criminal or family law matters. If you are new to the Ontario court system, please consult a lawyer for guidance.



It may come as a surprise that the judge does not write out an order for the parties after a motion is heard. Rather, litigants are required by the Rules of Civil Procedure to prepare “draft orders” for civil motions at Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The form for orders (form 59A) is found here: http://ontariocourtforms.on.ca/en/rules-of-civil-procedure-forms/

However, forms on this website are not formatted according to the Rules of Civil Procedure. There are also no directions on how to fill them out. Litigation Help now offers templates to make completing court forms easier. This template is for Form 59A, version date September 1, 2020.Be sure to also check out our Guide for Draft Orders: https://litigation-help.com/product/guide-to-the-draft-order/

If you do not have Word, you can create a Google account and use Google Docs to open and work with these templates.